Link: Interesting Kickstarter projects

I don't usually do link posts but a couple of stationary related Kickstarters have come to my attention.

Carbon V Fountain Pen
A carbon fiber fountain pen designed by the french! They are using both Bock and Jowo nibs depending on which model you back. It is an interesting design where they have the pen in sections which you can disassemble by pulling. I personally do not care about the stylus portion of the pen but I am glad that the stylus isn’t shaped like the regular round button. They also have option of a carbon fiber pen case that looks really sweet. It’s too bad that the pen case can only hold one pen.

Now this is a Kickstarter after my own heart. A notebook designed for lefties! I’m not sure how the paper performs under fountain pens but the slanted lines might just solve my lefty problems.

Check out these Kickstarter projects, if I’ve piqued your interest.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated in any form for writing this post.