My Note Book Workflow

In the recent episode 137 of the Pen Addict podcast, Brad and Myke spoke about how many note books they have in action at any one time and what they use the note books for. During episode 140, listeners reached out and shared how they use their note books. Here at Alt Haven I've never reviewed or written about note books, but today I thought I shall share how I use my note books.

Currently I have 4 note books in action. My main notebook is a A6 size Midori MD note book which I had purchased from Tokyu Hands when it firths opened in Singapore. That is my Bullet Journal where I track my to-dos. I keep my calendaring events up to date on my phone using Readdle's Calendar 5 app. I follow the Bullet Journal method and write up only the month's event down in my note book. The back of the note book is my pen and ink testing ground. They get filled up when I go for the monthly pen meets or when I just want to doodle.

My second note book is my blogging notebook. I write my thought about the pens or inks that I am currently reviewing. Currently I am using an A6 Banditapple lined note book for that purpose. The first portion of the note book is dedicated to the drafts of my ink reviews. The middle portion for random thoughts that pop into my head about the ink or pen I am using. The back portion is dedicated to the measurements of various pens. I cross them out once I am done with the review so that acts as a to-do list as well.

My 3rd note book is used strictly as an ink journal. I am using a A6 Muji notebook for that purpose currently. Every 1st day of the month, I would write what pens are inked with which ink. I will fill it up as the month goes as I fill a pen with a new ink. This helps me pick out what ink I would fill the next pen. I try not to have 2 pens with the same colour. This also helps to know what ink is in my pen. It's especially helpful when you have too many pens inked up.

My 4th note book is used in my office. I use it to track my time. I am required by my office to track how long I spend on each project so that they can charge the clients accordingly. I tend to reserve my worst performing notebook for this. Currently I am using a Field Notes craft memo book. Though my ink tend to feather when I use Field Notes memo book I like that the dry time for all my inks is just excellent.

I purchase note books as and when I find one that's interesting and I always finish my note books cover to cover before opening a new one. I also never keey any note book around once I am done. This probably not what everyone does but that's my note book workflow. What's yours?

Posted on February 6, 2015 and filed under thoughts, Stationary.