Review: Platinum 3776 Music nib

The Numbers:
Weight: 21g
Length (capped): 136.77mm
Length (uncapped): 117.55mm
Length of cap: 65.62mm
Body Material: Resin
Nib Material: 14k Gold
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge and converter
Colours: Black with gold accents and Black with silver accents

My thanks to my friend for lending me this Platinum 3776 with music nib for review. This is the older model of Platinum 3776 which lacks the metal collar which the converter is to fit into. I am not sure if the difference is due to mine being a Platinum 3776 Century as opposed to just a Platinum 3776.

I have previously reviewed the Platinum 3776 Century in Chartres Blue. These two pens are almost identical so I shall try not to go over too much of the similarities between the two pens but focus on the differences.

First things first, what is a music nib? Bascially it is a stub nib that allows for significant line variation which is supposed to help with writing musical notes. It has 2 tines and 2 breather holes which allows the ink to keep up with such a line width.

The Platinum 3776 looks identical to the Century model. They are both round top, cigar shaped fountain pens. It sports a black resin material for the cap and body accented with gold bands and clip. The screw on cap has Platinum's patented slip and seal mechanism which stops the ink from drying out inside the pen.

The older model Platinum 3776 has its feed exposed while the Century model has a metal collar keeping the feed protected. Also the feed for the music nib is slightly different from my regular medium nib's feed. I can only assume this difference can be attributed to allow the ink to keep up with such a wet nib. The breather hole on my Platinum 3776 Century is heart shaped while the breather holes on the music nib are just regular circles.

The music nib lays down a 1.5mm line width. It writes extremely smoothly and the ink goes down evenly and consistantly. The Platinum nib writes in any angle I hold the pen in. It is an impressive nib but this is probably too wide for regular everyday writing. It's probably more suited for calligraphy or music notation. The nib brings the shading out of any ink.

My thanks again to my friend for the loan of this fountain pen. Platinum 3776 isn't the only pen you can get a music nib with. There are other options out there by Pilot, Sailorm Noodler's and Franklin Christoph. I haven't had a chance to try any other brands' offerings. I can only say Platinum's music nib is a good nib to go for if you are looking for one.

Special note: If you purchase a brand new Platinum 3776 fountain pen with the music nib, it will be same as the Century model which comes with the version that has the metal collar that covers the feed.

* Juicy and smooth music nib
* Well balanced and weighted

* Exposed feed

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Posted on May 29, 2015 and filed under Fountain Pen, review.