Review: Sailor Bung Box Ink of Witch

This is the 2nd ink I purchased as part of the mass order that I've organised. This is the Ink of Witch, a deep dark purple ink made exclusively for Bung Box by Sailor. It is very similar to Dandyism, also another Bung Box exclusive, which I have reviewed previously. Like Dandyism, I had expected the purple undertone to come through more obviously, more like the Bung Box Blue Black. The purple undertone comes through just ever so slightly on a medium or larger nib, it works best when paired with a good quality paper like Kokuyo, Rhodia or Maruman. Like all other Sailor inks that I have used, this is a wet and saturated ink.

I am disappointed with this ink. I wished it isn't quite so dark and close to black especially when I use it in fine nibs.

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Posted on June 23, 2015 and filed under review, Ink.