Review: Faber Castell Single Pen Sleeve

I was lucky enough to win a Faber Castell single pen sleeve months ago during one of our local pen meet’s lucky draw. That was way back in March. I didn’t have much use for a single pen sleeve since I don’t carry just one pen around. It was only during my recent trip to Italy that I finally put it to the test.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I have opted to bring my Pilot Metropolitan along for my Italy trip. I couldn’t possibly just brought the pen along without any protection so I took the opportunity to give the Faber Castell pen sleeve a test run.

The pen sleeve is a simply designed leather one. It doesn’t have a zip secure it. It is shaped more like a quiver where the pen acts as the arrow. The pen slides in easily and I can secure the pen by slipping the clip over the leather. The width of the pen sleeve is pretty snug to secure even pens without clips. Though the clip is exposed, the sides of the pen sleeve is long enough to enclose the clip safely within the body of the sleeve. Of course this is entirely dependent on how fat your pen is.

However, the top and bottom of the pen sleeve is exposed. If you have a pen that’s particularly long, it will leave the pen open to dings on both ends. The Franklin Christoph Model 66 is too long for the pen sleeve (I wasn’t surprise at that since the Model 66 is meant to be a desk pen.) while the TWSBI 580 is just slightly shorter than the pen sleeve. The fattest pen I owe currently is a Delta Journal, the fit is snug but not too tight that makes it a pain to slide the pen in and out of the sleeve.

I couldn’t find many places that sells this particular pen sleeve. I am not sure why this particular pen sleeve isn’t more widely sold. Below are some links where I found the Faber Castell single pen sleeve being sold. I have no affiliation with any of these sites.

Posted on July 3, 2015 and filed under review.