Review: Magna Carta Falmouth

The Numbers:
Weight: 60g
Length (capped): 142mm
Length (uncapped): 131mm
Length of cap: 61mm
Body Material: Brass
Nib Material: Stainless steel
Filling Mechanism: Standard international converter / cartridge

Magna Carta is an Indian pen company that’s changing my perception of Indian fountain pens. My past experiences with Indian fountain pens have been with the lower end pens from Noodler’s or Fountain Pen Revolution. However, I have recently been given the opportunity to review one of Magna Carta’s fountain pen. I jumped at the chance to do so.

Let me present the Magna Carta Falmouth to you. This is an all brass fountain pen so it weighs a hefty 60g capped. Though it is a heavy pen it is still well balanced in my hand. The entire pen has a textured black design. It is glamorous without being ostentatious. The raised texture feels good to the touch. It makes the pen feel like a premium quality product. The Magna Carta Falmouth is accented with silver furniture which stands out nicely against the black pen barrel.

The Magna Carta’s M logo adorns the top of the finial. The cap and the end of the pen has a slightly convex shape that’s smooth to the touch. The clip is stiff but not overly so. The tension is nice and tight so it feels secure when I clip the pen to my pen pouch. The pen that I am reviewing is a production model, the final version would have threads at the end of the barrel to allow for posting. Personally I wouldn’t post the pen considering how heavy the pen is already.

The cap unscrews smoothly in slightly more than one turn. The threads are smooth to the touch and doesn’t hurt my fingers as I write with it. The grip section is also made of metal, usually metal grip sections tend to be too slick to keep a firm grip on the pen but Magna Carta Falmouth’s grip has the same texture as the rest of the pen. This texture gives me just enough friction to hold the pen. The step between the barrel and the grip section is small and very manageable. The Magna Carta Falmouth takes a standard international cartridge and converter. It will come with a threaded converter making it more secure than the regular push to seal style of converter.

The Magna Carta Falmouth comes with a stainless steel Bock nib installed. There wasn’t any indication what nib size the pen was fitted with but if I had to guess I would say it is a fine nib. It writes smoothly and wet. The nib is definitely performs well. It is quite a stiff nib but you can squeeze a tiny amount of line variation if you push it.

The Magna Carta Falmouth is designed to live both in the formal occasions as well as the regular corporate office. It is a solid pen that performs well.

My thanks to Burhan of Jalal Pen for the opportunity to review the Magna Carta Falmouth. This is a fountain pen that will soon be available in Singapore. Keep an eye on Jalal Pen’s page for more details.

* This is heavy pen

* A little bling without being ostentatious
* Takes standard international cartridge and converter
* Workhorse nib

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Posted on June 26, 2015 and filed under Fountain Pen, review.