Top 5 Favourite Pens 2015

2015 is coming to an end. It’s time for my top 5 favourite pens.

5: Platinum 3776 Century

Starting off the list is my trusty Platinum 3776 Century. I got mine in Chartres Blue. Though I am never a fan of gold furniture, I thought the blue body plays off well with the gold accents. The nib is smooth with a tiny touch of feedback. I love how the pen feels in my hand.

4: Pilot Murex

Next on the list is my beloved Pilot Murex. I was torn between the Myu 701 and the Murex but I settled for the Murex because I use it more often than the Myu 701. This pen took a little effort acquiring but it is well worth the effort. The integrated nib is a real beauty.

3: Lamy 2000

Lamy 2000 takes the 3rd spot on the list, it is an iconic fountain pen. I love it for its looks. I love it for the way it feels on my hand. I love it for the way it writes. My Lamy 2000 recently came home to me after 4 month away in Germany to get a loose piston knob tightened. I am very glad that it is get home with me.

2: Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black

Coming in at number 2 is my Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black. I have gone back and forth trying to decide if I should buy the pen. I knew I wanted the pen but the price put me off at first. However I gave in and purchased it. I have no regrets buying the pen. The 21k nib is hard as a nail but I love it that way. The Imperial Black’s stealthy good looks is hard to beat.

1: Nakaya Decapod

At the top of the list is my brand new Nakaya Decapod! I am quite sure the new-ness has something to do with its position on the list but the Nakaya Decapod stands on its own merits. The soft medium nib is a delight to write with. The urushi body looks beautiful and feels great, especially after polishing it with a cloth. A review of this pen coming soon.

Well my list almost exclusively consists of pens from Japan. Plus the average price of my favourite pens have definitely gone way up compared to the same list of 2014. Maybe this is a result of having the ability to buy and try many different brands. It has honed my taste and helps me discover what I like and don’t like about different pens.

Keep an eye out for my top 5 favourite inks coming next Tuesday.

Posted on December 18, 2015 and filed under Top 5.