Top 5 Favourite Inks 2017

It’s that time of the year again. My top 5 favourite ink purchases this year. Same criteria as last year, this has to be an ink new to the my collection. It doesn’t have to be released this year. Onto the list!

Number 5: KWZ Brown Pink

KWZ inks are new to me this year. I’ve tried Menthol Green and enjoyed it so I decided to explore their catalogue. I picked up two inks and Brown Pink was one of them. Brown Pink is a wonderful strange mix of well… brown and pink. It is a rather lovely hue of purple that shades nicely. Review coming soon.

Number 4: KWZ Cherry

Cherry is the other KWZ I’ve picked up. I must say I’m great at picking new inks! 2 out of 2 are winners. Cherry is a bright red ink that really reminds me of Christmas. Normally, red isn’t my go to ink in general for anything but Cherry is the exception to the rule. It has supplanted Montblanc Velvet Red as my go to red ink of choice. Review coming soon.

Number 3: Lamy Petrol

Lamy Petrol is Lamy’s 2017 ink that matches the Lamy Safari Petrol. It’s a dark teal colour. In general, I really enjoy teals. Lamy Petrol is one of those inks that works best with a broader and / or wetter nibs. It’s dark enough for corporate use yet retains enough colour for the inner fountain pen nerd.

Number 2: Robert Oster Signature Cherry Blossom

Robert Oster Signature Inks is the other ink maker that burst into the scene this year for me. I’ve reviewed a lot of Robert Oster Signature inks. Among them, Cherry Blossom is one of the stand out colours. It’s a dusty pink that straddles the line between bright and muted. I really like how it isn’t in your face bright but yet is still obviously pink and not some kind of red or purple.

Number 1: Robert Oster Signature Sublime

Finally the winner of 2017 top 5 inks is Robert Oster Siganture Sublime. I have to credit GlennHK for introducing me to this ink. It’s a really nice shading yellow-green inks. This has been a year of yellow-greens for me. I’ve tried Robert Oster Siganture Jade, Monteverde Olivine, Sailor Jentle Waka-Uguisu. Sublime takes the cake. It’s bright, it shades in all nib sizes. What more can I ask for?