Review: LingMo Lorelei LM-2016 Fountain Pen

The Numbers:
Weight: 19g
Length (capped): 135mm
Length (uncapped): 123mm
Price: SGD$15 onwards from Straits Pen
Body Material: Plastic
Nib Material: Stainless steel
Filling Mechanism: Converter
Colours: 8 colours

My thanks to Louisa for lending me her brand new fountain pen.

LingMo Lorelei is yet another China fountain pen manufacturer. It is a Shanghai based company who makes quite a few types of fountain pen. This particular model LM-2016 is one which is made to look identical to the Sailor ProColor fountain pen.

The LM-2016 fountain pen comes in a white cardboard box. Inside the box is a plastic case with a foam insert. The pen is wedged in the foam cut out. This particular style of packaging reminds me of the TWSBI Eco’s packaging. Though I must say the Eco’s is more compact and contains a lot more useful items. Comparison aside, the LingMo plastic case is can be easily reused as a pen case or to hold other random knick knacks.

I am a previous owner of the Sailor ProColor fountain pen and I must say it is really similar if not identical. The LM-2016 is a cigar shaped with both ends tapering down to a narrower girth. The clear plastic is accented with a silver clip and centre band. The clip’s shape is the identical to the Sailor ProColor. Even the font used to stamp the brand name on the centre band’s are the same. Suffice it to say, the entire pen is really similar.

The clip is really stiff and hard to lift up using my fingers but it has no trouble sliding over thin notebook covers. Thicker ones or jeans pocket might pose a problem though. It takes almost 2 revolutions of the cap to uncap the pen. The LM-2016 isn’t neither a long pen nor particularly wide. For me, the length pose no problem but the cap be posted to extend the overall length of the pen. The cap posts deeply and securely. Unposted or posted, the pen is well balanced.

The grip section tapers slightly narrower towards the nib before ending with a slight lip. I find the grip section comfortable. Plus, the threads are not sharp on my fingers. The LM-2016 unlike most other China made fountain pen I’ve tried doesn’t take the standard international converter. It comes a supplied converter but when I tried other brands of converters, I found that the Sailor converter fit the LM-2016.

The LM-2016 comes with a stainless steel nib. There is even some rather nice scroll work on the nib itself. The nib write surprisingly well. I think this is one of the best China made nibs I have written with. The stainless steel nib is as stiff as a nail, a writing experience very similar to the Sailor ProColor but it doesn’t writes as fine. What’s great about the LM-2016 has got to be that transparent feed. I get a kick out of watching the nib gets tinted in the ink that I’ve picked out for the pen.

The LM-2016 is a good pen but it didn’t improve on the Sailor ProColor which is copying wholesale from. It is a carbon copy plain and simple, in terms of looks but not in quality. The fit and finish isn’t as good as the Sailor’s but can you really expect that from a pen that is so much cheaper in comparison? I am pleasantly surprised by the writing experience that the LM-2016 was able to provided. This is a good choice as a toe in the China made fountain pens.


  • Affordable
  • Great writing experience
  • Fits the Sailor converter


  • Copy, copy, copy
Posted on May 5, 2017 and filed under Fountain Pen, review.