Review: KWZ Menthol Green

This is a sample from Ana and I am quite sure she can read my mind. This is 3 for 3 samples that I need to buy a bottle of! Ana, my wallet thanks you. This is my first experience with KWZ inks. The first thing that hits you before the actual colour is the scent. I think it smells like vanilla while others thought it smells like chocolate. This is a tough ink to use when you are hungry.

Menthol Green is a bright turquoise ink that leans heavily on the green side. It pops really well on the paper and shades very beautifully. Now I am on the hunt for more KWZ inks! If you have any recommendations do leave them in the comments!

I notice that KWZ Menthol Green has a significant change in colour after a few days. When it goes down it is a rather deep teal colour but after a few days it changes to a light turquoise colour. Personally I much prefer the colour it looks like when it is wet. I've added a fresh line of ink into the written review.

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