Review: Baron Fig Nomad

My thanks to Baron Fig for sending me the Nomad for review.

Post-It notes is something that is very common in offices all over the world. However, from my experience, the ubiquitous yellow sticky paper do not work all that great with our beloved fountain pens. That’s where the Baron Fig Nomad shines! The Nomad is a sticky note pad made specifically to be fountain pen friendly.

It comes in a pack of 3. Each 3” by 3” (7.62cm by 7.62cm) pad has 70 sheets. It is neither yellow nor plain. It’s the same off white dot grid paper that can be found in the Baron Fig paper products. Though visually the paper used is exactly the same as the one used in other Baron Fig paper products, I found it performs slightly poorer than in the Confidant, Vanguard and Mastermind. It is more likely to suffer from bleed through. In terms of feathering, it is on par with the 3 other Baron Fig products that I’ve reviewed so far. Personally, I don’t think the bleed through is a major issue. I do not use the back side of any regular sticky note and these notes are meant to be disposable anyway. A little bleed through in my sticky note is hardly a major issue.

It functions exactly like a regular sticky note. The stickiness of the paper is just right to hold on to surfaces and not leave a mark after being removed. However, I found the note prefers glass like surfaces over laminated wood. It adheres to another surface easily enough when I re-arrange my sticky notes.

A pack of 3 pads comes in at USD$8, personally I found it a little pricey. Maybe that’s because I do not use any sticky notes on a regular basis and this isn’t something I have been needing in my day to day life. I dare say if you are someone who depends a lot on sticky notes, the Nomad will be a better investment for you. For me, I will be sticking (pun unintended.) to my random scraps of paper.

Posted on September 15, 2017 and filed under paper, review.