Review: Montegrappa Turquoise

My thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me this bottle of Monetegrappa Turquoise.

Montegrappa Turquoise is a potent ink. Be mindful of which pen / nib you fill this in. On my Waverly nib, it bleedthrough on all the notebooks that I have. This includes Rhodia, Tomoe River, Traveler’s Notebook (both with regular and light weight paper notebooks). I’m not sure why is this ink is so prone to bleedthrough on wet nibs. That aside, it is a flat turquoise ink depending on the nib. It does shade but only subtly. Monetegrappe Turquoise is a beautiful colour but it just doens’t behaved ver well. Best to use this ink in a dry nib.

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Posted on August 10, 2018 and filed under Ink, review.