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Nakaya Pen Clinic - 2018

Way back in 2015, I started my Nakaya pen habit. It was my first pen visiting Aesthetic Bay when Yoshida-san, Nakaya's nibmeister visited Singapore. He held a pen clinic organised by Aesthetic Bay. There, he held court for three days. Tuning, grinding and basically blessing your Nakaya and Platinum fountain pens with his holy hands, so to speak.

Today is the start of Yoshida-san's three day pen clinic again at Aesthetic Bay. This time he isn't here alone. He brought along his padawan (his words) of 10 years along, Sanae Oikawa-san. Here are just the photos from the first day. This time I didn't buy any new fountain pens though I must say I am really tempted by the Piccolo Aka-Tamenuri. However I was strong. Instead, I got Yoshida-san grind the M nib on my Nakaya Negoro to a right foot oblique. Photos of that can be found on my Instagram.

Reviews of the three Nakaya fountain pens I've purchased since 2015.

SFPL Pen Show 2017

Ok, today was Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers Pen Show. It's the largest scale show the admins had attempted so far. And the turnout was great. It was discounts glaore with one set of locally made fountain pen inks exclusive for the show. The Nakayas there looked really good. I saw a couple of Montblanc 1912 for sale as well as that beautiful Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl.

Here's some photos from today's event. Let me know if there are any photos you need me to remove.

Singapore Pen Show 2016

We came, we saw, we bought. Today is the first time Singapore has a pen show. This is organised by the admins of the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers' Facebook group, lovingly known as SFPL. The admins worked hard to got this organised and it was held at the Tea Party Cafe. Beloved vendors brought their wares down and there was a good discount off all items there. Even Nakaya fountain pens are on sale. The pen show is still going on as I post this. It will run till 8pm tonight so if you are reading this on the 10th December 2016, hurry up and go down.

Hopefully this will be an annual event from now onwards. My thanks to the admins for organising this. My thanks to the vendors and everyone who worked the booths for making this pen show a success. Check out the photos of the event I took this afternoon.

Pen Meet: Sept 2014

Just the past weekend, the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers held their monthly pen meet. This isn't my first time there for a pen meet. That day I have the privilege to see and touch or rather fondle so many vintage pens brought by Mr. Mike Breslin. The pen set with the Third Reich swastika is the most eye catching of the lot. I have neglected to take a photo of the pen set that came together with the inkwell. Luckily Ms. Sandy Choo took photos of the pen set. I went home with a Super Rotex, TWSBI Mini B nib unit and a Sailor converter. It's not much when compared to the treasures I have seen that day. I hope you enjoy the photos.