Review: Diamine Amber

I got this ink sample a while back and I’m sorry I took such a long time to get around to it. Diamine Amber straddles the line between yellow and orange in a way I really like. It shades even in my Visconti EF nib though only subtly. It’s such a bright and happy colour that I can’t help but smile when I use it. It goes from a pale sunrise yellow to a strong muted orange colour.

Diamine Amber-3.jpg

Review: Diamine Evergreen

My thanks to Louisa for the ink sample.

Diamine Evergreen is a surprisingly deep dark green with a slight hint of grey undertone. Shading is really hard to come by in most nib widths. Even in the 1.1mm stub, the shading is really subtle. Diamine Evergreen looks almost black unless you look closely. I’ll say this makes it a good alternative to standard black and blue inks for corporate use.

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Review: Diamine Dark Olive

My thanks to Leigh Reyes for the ink sample.

Diamine Dark Olive is another Philippines market exclusive. It’s a beautiful dark green-yellow ink similar to Sailor Tokia-Matsu and Robert Oster Signature Jade. Diamine Dark Olive shades well going from a pale yellow-green to a dark green, almost black-green. Personally Dark Olive feels significantly drier than Diamine Lapis Blue. This green is in the family of greens that I really enjoy if you, like me, love the dark green-yellow ink family, this is a nice dry ink to add to the collection.

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Review: Diamine Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue is an ink made specifically for the Philippines. I got this sample thanks to Leigh Reyes when I purchased a pen from her last year. Lapis Blue is a saturated blue ink that shades beautifully even in my Japanese F nib. It goes from a deep dark blue to a slightly lighter royal blue. It’s definitely lubricated and the dry times are longer. It’s a nice ink if you are a big fan of blue inks but I don’t think it will be hard to get a bottle of similar enough blue ink.

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Review: Diamine Safari

Diamine Safari is a part of Diamine’s 150th Anniversary collection. It comes in a cool triangular bottle that will form a complete circle if you buy the entire set. Packaging aside, let’s get down to the ink. Diamine Safari is an olive green hue that shades well. It goes from a deep greenish-brown to a lighter olive green. And as far as green goes, this is definitely my preferred kind of green. It reminds me of Sailor Tokiwa Matsu.

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