Review: Robert Oster Green Diamond

My thanks to Glenn for the ink sample.

Robert Oster Green Diamond is a solid green, bright and strong. It does shade. It shades best with the 1.1mm stub nib. Robert Oster Green Diamond reminds me of Montblanc Irish Green. The green just pops right off the page. Though it isn’t my kind of green ink but green ink lovers do check it out.

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Review: Kyo Iro Arashiyama

My thanks to Glenn for for the ink sample.

This is one of a set of five Kyo Iro inks. Arashiyama is a highly saturated shading orange ink. It goes from a deep saturated burnt orange to a light yellow-orange. It goes down wet and saturated but dries to a duller colour. Arashiyama is not my particular cup of tea in terms of orange inks. I usually prefer stronger and brighter oranges.

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Review: Diamine Dark Olive

My thanks to Leigh Reyes for the ink sample.

Diamine Dark Olive is another Philippines market exclusive. It’s a beautiful dark green-yellow ink similar to Sailor Tokia-Matsu and Robert Oster Signature Jade. Diamine Dark Olive shades well going from a pale yellow-green to a dark green, almost black-green. Personally Dark Olive feels significantly drier than Diamine Lapis Blue. This green is in the family of greens that I really enjoy if you, like me, love the dark green-yellow ink family, this is a nice dry ink to add to the collection.

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