Review: KWZ Chicago Blue

My thanks to Ana of The Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample.

KWZ Chicago Blue is a standard dark blue ink. It is mostly flat and doesn’t shade very much. It does have the standard KWZ ink scent and so if you don’t like it, stay away. This colour feels excellent for corporate use. Also if you are looking to buy a bottle of KWZ Chicago Blue, you’re probably out of luck. This was made exclusively for the Chicago Pen Show 2017.


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Review: KWZ IG Green #1

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample. I’m super behind on reviewing and using my ink sample stash. Ok, I’ll stop whining.

KWZ IG Green #1 has the characteristic scent which I actually like. IG Green #1 is part of KWZ’s Iron Gall series. It’s a dark teal colour that shades beautifully. It goes from deep dark green almost black to a rich teal, more green than blue. I love this colour a lot. This is a rather wet ink but the dry time is rather good. If you enjoy green or teal inks and need some water resistant properties, check out this ink.

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KWZ IG Green #1-3.jpg

Review: KWZ Menthol Green

This is a sample from Ana and I am quite sure she can read my mind. This is 3 for 3 samples that I need to buy a bottle of! Ana, my wallet thanks you. This is my first experience with KWZ inks. The first thing that hits you before the actual colour is the scent. I think it smells like vanilla while others thought it smells like chocolate. This is a tough ink to use when you are hungry.

Menthol Green is a bright turquoise ink that leans heavily on the green side. It pops really well on the paper and shades very beautifully. Now I am on the hunt for more KWZ inks! If you have any recommendations do leave them in the comments!

I notice that KWZ Menthol Green has a significant change in colour after a few days. When it goes down it is a rather deep teal colour but after a few days it changes to a light turquoise colour. Personally I much prefer the colour it looks like when it is wet. I've added a fresh line of ink into the written review.

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