Review: Montblanc Emerald

My thanks to Danny for the ink sample.

Montblanc Emerald is Montblanc’s 2018 Colour of the year. It is a delightful colour. The green is bright and it pops right off the page. It shades well, going from a dark saturated green to a bright blue-green colour. But with the price of Montblanc non-standard inks going up, I’m not sure I’ll add it to my collection even though I really enjoyed this ink.

Review: Montblanc Antoine de Saint Exupery

My thanks to Ana of the Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample exchange.

Montblanc Antoine de Saint Exupery, such a mouthful. It is a dark wine-purple colour. It shades well going from a dark almost black-red/purple to a faded dusty pink/purple colour. Personally this isn’t a very unique ink in my opinion. I’m pretty sure there are other similar shades from other more affordable brands.

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Review: Montblanc Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow is a limited edition Montblanc ink. Like how it is named, it is yellow maybe even golden when the ink pools and darkens. This is definitely one ink that would better in a broader and wetter nib. I am only having some luck with my Japanese SM nib but I definitely recommend something broader. Yellow inks are really an odd category because of its lightness. It can sometimes be super hard to read on white and cream paper. Montblanc Golden Yellow is no different. Personally, this not an ink for me but with the right pen and paper combination it can work.

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