Review: Sailor Nioi Sumire

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample. This ink sample is from the original release of the ink. Nioi Sumire is a lubricated, wet blue ink that has a good shading. It goes down bright and dries slightly muted. Nioi Sumire is part of Sailor’s 4 Seasons ink series. It is still available but only in the new Sailor packaging. I’ve not compared my sample to what’s currently available but it’s supposed to be the same formulation. Blue inks are never really my go to colour. But this ink made my dry nib write so lubricated. It’s definitely a good ink for a dry writer.

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Review: Sailor Jentle Black

My thanks to Louisa for the sample.

Sailor Jentle Black is not a jet black super saturated ink. It shades subtly and looks more like black water colour rather the super dark ink of a marker. It flows well and it is lubricated. I like that it is “sticky” enough that I can use it in the FA nib without too much trouble.

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Review: Sailor Jentle Waka Uguisu

My thanks to Louisa for the ink sample.

This is yet another of Sailor re-issued ink. Waka Uguisu is a nice blend of green and yellow. Remember Robert Oster Signature Lemon Grass review a way back? This is what I wished Lemon Grass is like. The shading is nice and obvious in my European EF nib. This is in my opinion a more useable shade of green-yellow than Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku Rin is. It goes down vibrant but dries to a slightly duller shade. This is one of the more interesting Sailor inks. Grab it while stocks last!

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