Review: Lamy Turquoise

I got this sample of Lamy Turquoise a long time ago from Ruby. I’m finally getting around to trying it. Though I have many Lamy pens, I do not have a single bottle of Lamy ink. This is probably the 2nd Lamy ink that I’ve tried. Turquoise, if you don’t know, is one of my favourite fountain pen ink colour, not so much as the colour of my clothes. Lamy Turquoise shades well from a dark blue / green to a bright light cyan hue. Lamy Turquoise leans more towards the green side of the spectrum.

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Review: Lamy Blue Black

This is my first time using a Lamy ink. I must say I enjoy it a lot. The ink is defintely drier than most inks I use. It is on par with the Pelikan 4001 series in terms of dryness. This is just right for a lefty like me. Though it is a drier ink and I've initially filled it in a Pilot F nib pen, the writing experience didn't suffer because of it. The ink is a lovely shade of blue black. It's a dusty blue tone to it. It's just right for the corporate environment. Dry time is execellent even on Kokuyo paper. The ink shades beautifully from deep dark blue to a dusty blue.

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