Review: Noodler’s Golden Brown

Noodler’s Golden Brown is a good shading ink but the colour is just too similar to Pilot Iroshizuku Ina Ho. I think my dislike of Ina Ho is quite obvious now. Noodler’s Golden Brown just happens to be in that light brown colour that I rather dislike. But colour aside, Golden Brown is a wet ink that shades well. If you are looking for a shading brown ink, Golden Brown is one you should check out.

I realised I do not have a swab of Pilot Iroshizuku Ina Ho. If anyone want to spare me enough to do a swab of the ink, please get in contact with me. Thank you.

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Review: Noodler’s Park Red

My thanks to Yee Sheng for the ink sample of Noodler’s Park Red.

Noodler’s Park Red is inspired by Park Sang Hak, a North Korea defector. Park Red is bright and strong especially when it goes down. As it dries, it loses some of its vibrancy. It doesn’t shade very much. As most Noodler’s inks I’ve used before, Noodler’s Park Red is a relatively wet ink.

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Review: Noodler’s FPN Galileo Manuscript Brown

This is a FPN exclusive ink made by Noodler’s. It costs USD$30 for a 3oz bottle. It’s waterproof, has good lubrication and some shading properties. This is a warm brown that goes from a deep dark brown to a rich red-brown colour. Personally, I’d still prefer the Maruzen Athena Sepia, this is still an interesting brown ink with its water proof properties. However given that it’s only available from FPN, it would be rather pricey to buy and ship it outside the US.

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Review: Noodler’s Walnut

This is a wet, dark brown ink. Though it’s dark, you can still make out the brown tones of the ink. Though it’s named walnut, I think My Dudek Modern’s Goods Block’s walnut looks redder. Noodler’s Walnut is a dark ink but it has subtle shading property. It goes from a deep dark brown to a grey-brown colour. Noodler’s Walnut is a nice colour but it’s a little too wet for me to use. It would be better paired with a dry nib. My thanks to Louisa for the ink sample.

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