Review - Xcape, Whisper of the Dead

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new experience on the block. It is a 5D Real Room Escape Game. There are 2 places in Singapore that are running these "Real Room Escape Games".

They are:
- Xcape
- Freeing.sg

I went to Xcape with some friends and we attempted to solve the mystery of The Whisper of the Dead. The short story is we failed. Basically before we were unleashed to the puzzles, we had a short briefing on what can be removed and what can't. They don't want the guests going around destroying the props. Then, they lead us into a small room and the staff gave us a 2 liner back story which was all but useless. We were then locked into the room, our mission is to unlock the door that leads deeper into the sanctum. There are 4 other locks to unlock as we proceed. They are whole bunch of different locks such as number based locks, directional locks, as well as alphabat based locks. Clues were scattered in the room and unlike a survival horror game, things are not so obvious.

Some props were quite clever such as a tv that seemed to be just showing a white screen but when you put on the provided masquerade mask equipped with special lens you would see that there were actually images not visible to the naked eye. There was also things scrawled with UV ink visible only to UV light.

We were so stuck at one point, the staff took pity on us and unlocked the door for us. What can I say? We are totally useless without our smart phones, pen and paper

Overall, I think it is fun to try this once but I would probably not pay to try it again. The setup and props looks and feels cheap. We paid $198 for 8 people. It is not extremely expensive and it lasts an hour so I guess I shouldn't expect much. The atmosphere isn't too well done, it was only a music track playing on loop in the room. However, the puzzles are challenging but not impossible to solve. Try it once and decide if it is good enough for a return trip.