Review: Lamy Nexx

The Numbers:
Weight: 16g
Length (capped): 13.4cm
Length (uncapped): 12.7cm
Price: USD$32 from Goldspot Pens
Body Material: Aluminium
Nib Material: Stainless steel
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter
Colours: Various

My thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me the Lamy Nexx for review.

Everyone knowns the Lamy Safari. One look at the Safari there is no mistaking it for any other pen. The Lamy Nexx is a lesser known entry level fountain pen for Lamy. It’s priced lower than the Lamy Safari so this is a good competitor against the Safari.

The Lamy Nexx comes in a variety of different colours and is available in EF, F, M stainless steel nibs right off the shelf. However you can purchase extra nibs in the 14K variety as well as B and stub nibs of different width. This is the versatility of the Lamy fountain pens. Most of them use the same nibs so that makes nib swapping very easy.

If you’re familiar with the Lamy Safari packaging, the Lamy Nexx comes in the exact same box. It’s the dark grey cardboard box that’s compact and small. I really enjoy packaging that didn’t take up so much more space when compared to the pen itself.

The Lamy Nexx seems to have two versions. One with the cap completely made of plastic while there is another version where there is a brushed metal clip.

The version I got has a blue plastic cap. It’s clip is on the large side. There is a satisfying click when I snap the cap on and off. The barrel is rounded, tapering off in a soft triangular shape. This acts a little like a roll stopper if you forgot to cap your pen.

The grip section is long and rubberised. The rubberised section isn’t sticky or tacky. It feels really nice and helps me maintain my grip on this lightweight fountain pen. The grip is a moulded one. It has the triangular shape but it’s a lot more rounded when compared to a Lamy Safari’s grip. For anyone who has trouble using the Lamy Safari’s grip can give the Lamy Nexx’s grip a try.

The Lamy Nexx is a cartridge converter fountain pen. It takes the regular Lamy cartridges and their Z-24 converter Z 24.

The stainless steel EF nib it came with is writes nicely. It is not the butter smooth writing experience but I am not expecting it. This is an EF nib, it writes with a little bit of feedback. It is not unpleasant, in fact I quite enjoy this aspect of the nib.

The Lamy Nexx is a worthy alternative to the Lamy Safari. It’s more rounded triangular grip makes it an easier grip to use for those who cannot get used to the Lamy Safari’s grip.

Once again, my thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me the Lamy Nexx for review.


  • Affordable
  • Grip is moulded but rounder
  • Lightweight


  • Nothing that I can think of

Posted on September 7, 2018 and filed under Fountain Pen, review.