Review: Akkerman Gele Oker Van Frans

My thanks to Glenn for the ink sample.

I really enjoy this yellow ink. Most yellows tend to be too bright, too light to be read against white paper. But that’s not the case for Akkerman Gele Oker Van Frans. It shades well, going from orange in parts to bright yellow in others. This is sunshine in a bottle. Can you tell I really like this one a lot? This is going to be added to my collection. I’m officially poisoned.

Review: Akkerman Hopjesbruin

Let’s not mince words, I do not like this ink. The colour reminds me too much of mud and other more unpleasant things that I’ll shall not name. This is a lighter brown with yellow undertones. It shades well from a dark yellow-brown to a muted yellow. Somehow this ink reminds very much of Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho and I’ve made my feelings plain about that ink. This is a colour that just doesn’t speak to me. However, what’s one person’s poison is another’s meat.

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Review: Akkerman Shocking Blue

Shocking blue is a bright bold blue that isn’t shy. It has a red sheen doesn’t take Tomoe River paper to bring out. This is a wet ink that has shading properties. It shades from a dark blue to a denim blue like shade. Akkerman Shocking Blue is one of stand out among Akkerman ink line up. This is a blue ink that would appeal to blue ink lovers who want something a little extra with their favourite colour.

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Review: Akkerman Laan van Niew Oost-Indigo

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This is the 2nd Akkerman ink that I got as part of a mass order some months ago. This is the Akkerman Laan van Niew Oost-Indigo. Whew! What a mouthful. (or rather what a handful?) The name translates to Avenue of New East from dutch. I am not sure what is the significance of the name though. (Check out the comment below for more information on that!)

This ink probably works best in a wet nib or wider nib sizes. The colour can look a little less saturated in my Japanese F nib. Regardless the ink shades very well. It goes from a dark blue to a dusty matte blue. Overall it is a good subtle colour for corporate but it doesn’t really speak to me.

Also looking at the swatch between Diamine Indigo and Akkerman Indigo they look very similar if not identical.

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